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As a former Division I athlete, Dr. Roe has a clear understanding of the athletic patient and the demand of sport. From the repeated pounding that runners endure to the side-to-side motion seen in court sports, there’s no doubt that athletes are at risk for lower leg, ankle and foot problems. Dr. Roe has the advanced skills and tools to restore function to injured athletes of all ages and activity levels. If you participate in sports on a regular basis or are just a “weekend warrior” be aware of some of these common lower extremity sports injuries:

Ankle sprains the most common of sports injuries require prompt evaluation to rule out fracture and select a proper treatment plan. These can be caused by twisting, rotation or rolling an ankle or by tripping or falling.

Stress fractures are overuse injuries often due to overuse and repetitive activity but many factors can contribute to the development such as rapid changes to frequency and duration of training, foot structure, poor footwear and the type of training surface. These injuries are often seen in running sports such as cross-country, track and field, soccer, and basketball or high impact sports such as tennis and gymnastics.

Achilles tendon injuries such as tendonitis, tears and even ruptures often caused by high impact sports or sudden increase in the amount or intensity of exercise.

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) often caused by foot structure such as a high arch, tight calf muscles, repetitive impact such as running and poor footwear.

Lisfranc injury which can be caused by a simple twist and fall. These injuries can often be seen in football and soccer.

Morton’s neuroma which can be caused by nerve compression and irritation near the ball of the foot which are often seen in running and court sports.

Adolescent Injuries require unique attention largely because young athletes are still growing. Uneven growth patterns often cause bone, muscle and tendons to pull on each other making young athletes more susceptible to muscle, tendon and growth plate injures.

Shin splints referring to pain along the inner edge of the tibia or shin bone. It can be caused by sudden changes in physical activity due to frequency, duration and intensity. Poor footwear can also contribute. Shin splints are often seen in runners, dancers and military recruits.

Turf toe is a sprain of the main joint in the big toe when forced into hyperflexion. Most often seen in football player who play on artificial turf but can be seen in athletes who push off in this manner.




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Why High Desert Foot & Ankle Specialists?

Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon

 Intensive, focused training and in-depth experience are what sets apart a foot and ankle surgeon. Certification by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) ensures that a foot and ankle surgeon has completed appropriate training, successfully performed a diverse range of foot and ankle procedures with good surgical skills and judgment, and passed rigorous oral and written exams.  

Local Lobo

 Dr. Roe was born and raised right here in Albuquerque; he’s a Lobo! He graduated from The University of New Mexico and was a four-year baseball letterman. As a former collegiate athlete, Dr. Roe understands the rigors of sport and sports related injuries. He returned to Albuquerque, following his podiatric education and training, to begin his practice and raise a family. He is proud of his heritage and being Albuquerque grown!

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 Our newly remodeled office facility in Albuquerque puts the patient first. We have designed a comfortable and meticulous environment to improve the patient experience. From our private and spacious exam rooms, to the comfortable waiting area, we use only state-of-the-art examination technology and onsite X-ray to make your visit professional and efficient.

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